Hello. Name’s Discipulus.

That’s not my real name, of course, but it’ll do for this blog.

How are you?

This post is about aspirations. The aspirations for this little chunk of the internet. My own aspirations in life and so-on and so-forth. You see, I’m a would-be. I’m a would-be writer. A would-be fighter. A would-be bachelor of medieval history. A would-be husband to a beautiful woman. And, for the third time now, a would-be blogger.

Ah, Christ. I’ve been down this road before. Would you believe, this same address has hosted two blogs before, each staking claim to two or three illustrious posts. I wrote those posts, grand designs in my head, and then set the blog adrift, thinking never to return. Until now! Yes, gentle readers, I am back. And I know you’ve all been clamoring for my long-delayed return. Now, make no bones about it. This blog will very likely die a similar death to the others. I very well may decide that this one, too, is not worth my precious, precious time. But I hope not to.

I’m tired of being a would-be, you understand. I’m working on a book, and I have yet to complete the first draft. I’m training in Muay Thai, and I’ve not been to class in weeks now. I’m studying history, but not the kind I want, and not diligently enough. I’m dating the loveliest girl I’ve ever known, and neither of us is ready to marry the other because we’re at that place in life where you’re an adult but you just can’t do anything on your own. But now look at me. I’m starting a new blog. I’m making an effort. That’s good, right? Right?

I hate to say it, dear readers, but this blog at this moment is not for you. And I know you’re out there! There were at least two blog views in the last six months. Hopefully this blog will be good for you, but right now I need this for me. For myself. I’m going to write about whatever the hell occupies my mind at the time of writing. And yes, I know that’s a terrible basis for a blog. But I need some structure, damnit. So I’ll write about combat sports (the only sports I follow), interesting tidbits from history, personal experiences, progress on the book, and probably much more.

If you happen to find this trivial island in the world wide waters of the internet, then check back if you like what you find. Because, God willing, this will not be the last post. At least until I change my would-be mind.



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