Let this blog be an example of how not to write a blog. Because I don’t have a focused subject. I don’t have a plan. And I will very likely give this up far too soon.

But for the time being, read and enjoy.

Marvel as I ramble on about fighting, writing, eating, and drinking.

Behold as I pontificate about what moves me, what interests me, and possibly what irks me.

Delight in my use of words such as behold, pontificate, and irk.

And gaze in wonder at my persistent use of the oxford comma.

Enjoy what you find here. It just might be the last blog you ever read. And the whole time you’re reading, ponder whether or not that last sentence was a threat or–cue ominous closeup–a promise.

Nah, this blog’s gonna suck.

Peace, friends.


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